Big Thank you to for nominating “” for the beautiful Blogger Award,(watch this space) if you need to know the lastest on trends follow 1stontrend , sooo, informative.

Ok! {Seven deadly sin’s) 1. I am a shoe freak!.

                                    2.I blog for the love of my passion, And a love of Beautiful things.

                                    3.favourite Singer’s :-Beyonce, Rihanna

                                    4.Favourite Designer’s: Love Galliano, McQueen.

                                    5.Live in Melbourne, Australia, (exciting place to live,especially the yummy! food.

                                    6.Favourite Quote,”It’s not what you look at that mattter’s , It’s what you see”

                                    7.Have a cat named “Manolo”, yess! arfter the designer, “haha”.

Nominating 7 Blogs

 1., She was the first to comment on my Blog.

 2., she has great Idea’s on her blog.

 3., she tell’s it like it is.

 4., Interesting Articles.

 5., covers alot of fine things.

 6., love the pictures.

 7., His photography is real.

Ok these are my nominations, I hope I did this right, Thanx guys.Image

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